From the age of 18 (up to 25), you can start working at YoungOnes! You don't need any work experience or specific education. But what do you need? 

A kick-start call | Before you can start applying for gigs, you first need to do a kick-start call. It is up to you to schedule this call. During the kick-start call, you get to know YoungOnes and our platform. We will also prepare you for the responsibilities of becoming an entrepreneur. We will ask some questions about this, so make sure you have read up on it. In this article, you will find everything you need to know for the kick-start call. 

You can schedule a kick-start call via the link in your email. Didn't receive a link? Check your spam inbox or contact YoungOnes via the contact form on our site for a new link.

Complete profile | Your profile on YoungOnes is your business card to clients, so make your YoungOnes profile as attractive as possible. Provide a good profile picture and essential information about your work experience.

Proof of identity | If you have sufficient knowledge about the responsibilities involved in being an entrepreneur, and your profile is complete, we will send an ID-check. Via Veriff or Datachecker, we send a link to upload your ID card or passport. Once your ID-check and profile have been approved, the only thing you need to start applying for gigs is a company number.

Company number and VAT number | If you want to work as a freelancer through our platform, you need a sole proprietorship. For students, the student-employed status is interesting. We have a partnership with Acerta, and they arrange a company number and VAT number for you. Click here to apply for a company number via Acerta.

Reliability | It is crucial that the client can count on you. The client assumes that you will be there if you are matched for a gig. If you cannot come to the gig, contact the client. They may ask you to arrange a replacement. Want to read more about this? Check out this link.