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Will it affect your scholarship?

Keep in mind that your income as a self-employed student will count to determine whether you are entitled to a scholarship or study grant. As the entire family income counts and not just professional income, we cannot give you general advice on this. 

Do you retain the child benefit/growth package as a student self-employed person?

Yes, you remain dependent of your parents. So this means you are still entitled to the Growth Package or child benefit. The rules depend on the region you live in.

  • In the Flemish Region, the Growth Package will continue to be paid as long as you do not become self-employed in main occupation. This means that your child benefit will not be at risk as a student self-employed, unless you earn €14,042.57 net taxable income or more.

Can I also continue working as a job-student?

Yes, you can! Besides your activities as a student self-employed, you can still work as a job student. The 600 hours rule only applies to job students, this is separate from your activities as a student self-employed.