Are you no longer a student or are you turning 25 but want to continue working as a self-employed person? From the fourth quarter of that year, you become self-employed in your main or secondary occupation. You are self-employed in a main occupation if the self-employed activity is your main or only occupation. Do you go into paid employment? Then you are considered self-employed in a secondary occupation. Note that the rules for self-employed in main profession or self-employed in secondary profession differ.  

If you want to stop being self-employed, you need to go through a number of steps.

STEP 1 | Contact the enterprise office where you are registered

An enterprise counter can delete your registration in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises. The fee for 2022 is €92.50 (per establishment unit). The enterprise counter can help you further with the next steps you need to take to completely cease your self-employment, such as:

  • Closure of VAT obligations;
  • Application to stop paying your contributions to your social insurance fund for the self-employed;
  • Ending self-employed status.

STEP 2 | Pay your final social contributions

Remember to still pay social contributions from the last quarter.