Being self-employed and salaried employed are not the same. There are some major differences. In fact, as a self-employed, you become your own employer. The table below shows the biggest differences between an entrepreneur and someone in employment.

Employed by one company
Multiple clients
Employment contract
Model agreement
Fixed hours per week
Determine how many hours you work
Fixed salary
Flexible income
Fixed hourly rate
Self-determined hourly rate
No bookkeepingOwn bookkeeping
Standard cover for disability & personal and property damage
Not insured for incapacity for work as standard, nor normally for damage to persons and property. But with YoungOnes, you are automatically affiliated to the ONSI insurance collective and thus protected against liability and accidents. Read more about it here.
Accrual of pension, holiday pay and holidays
Build up your own pension and holiday pay

So as a self-employed, you have a lot more responsibilities, but of course you get a lot of freedom in return!