To start with YoungOnes, you need a personal account on the YoungOnes app. Freelancers can only create an account via the app, and clients can only make one via the YoungOnes website.

These are the 6 steps you need to go through until your account is activated: 

Step 1 | Download the YoungOnes app via the App Store or Play Store and sign up.

Step 2 | Complete your profile. 

Step 3 | Do you already have a company number? Then fill it in. Do you not have one yet? Click on 'I do not have a company number yet'.

Step 4 | Schedule a kick-start call!

Step 5 | After the call, follow an ID-check.

Step 6 | If you do not have a company number yet, request one via our partner Acerta with the following link. Click here to request your company number.