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The difference between main profession and secondary profession

Main occupation: if the self-employed activity is your main or only occupation. You are not a student, and you do not also work as an employee. 

Secondary profession: if you are a salaried employee or civil servant in addition to your self-employed activity.

You are self-employed in a secondary occupation if you:

  • still work at least half-time as a salaried employee;
  • performs at least 60% of a full-time schedule as a permanent teacher or 50% as a contractual;
  • enjoy the unemployment with company allowance (early retirement) scheme or receive unemployment benefits; or
  • receives sickness or disability benefits as a salaried employee.

How do I register as self-employed?

Register as self-employed via this link. We have a partnership with enterprise counter Acerta and they will arrange your company number, VAT number and your affiliation to a social insurance fund.

The registration process in 4 steps

STEP 1: Fill in your personal details

STEP 2: Enter the start date of your company

STEP 3: Enter your other professional activities.

STEP 4: Enter your VAT scheme preferences. Indicate here whether you want an exemption. 

Ready? You will receive your company number within 2 working days. 

We've got your back! We pay the cost of a business number?

Save €101. Be quick as we are giving away this cost to the first 100 registrations. Read more about this fee here.

Register as a self-employed.

Apply for VAT number yourself: From the FPS Finance, submit an application for VAT identification (form 604A) online free of charge. Click here to go to this form. Then make sure you turn off the 'request VAT number' option while applying to your company number.

Responsibilities self-employed

Note: as a self-employed person, you will face a number of responsibilities. For example, VAT returns, personal income tax and social security contributions. Read more about these responsibilities here.