Normally, all gigs and timekeeping run through the platform. Of course, it can happen that your client is enthusiastic about you, and he wants to employ you again the next day. This can be done through the official way by a new gig on the platform. If you don't, then you work past the platform. 

What does this mean for you as a freelancer? 

  • It is your own responsibility that all data reaches us correctly and completely.
  • Because the hours are processed along the platform, it may take a little longer until the invoice is paid.
  • The gig is not registered on the platform, and so you will not receive an assessment from the client. This is a shame for optimizing your profile, because as you know: the more positive reviews, the easier it is to get gigs in the future! 
  • Because the hours pass through the platform, we have no visibility of the gig. As soon as problems arise during the gig, this means we can do less for you.

Once you do want to work past the platform, it is important that you send us all the necessary details after the job is finished. You can do this through the contact form on our site. Click here for the contact form. Mention in it how many hours you worked, how long you had breaks, and at what hourly rate you worked. It is then up to the client to give us approval of your hours worked. After the client's approval, the payment process will be initiated.