This article explains the following topics

  • Gig cancelled within the cancellation period
  • What can I do if the cancellation deadline has expired?
  • Find a substitute 
  • You didn't finish a job, now what?
  • The client cancels the assignment outside the cancellation period

Gig cancelled within the cancellation period

It can sometimes happen that you or the client want to cancel a gig. In some cases, this can entail consequences, but it doesn't have to! Within the cancellation period, you and the client can cancel the gig without any consequences. 

The client chooses its own cancellation period for a gig. You can always find the cancellation period in the gig description. The client can choose the following cancellation periods:

  • 24 hours 
  • 48 hours 
  • 72 hours 
  • 1 week 
  • 2 weeks

What can I do if the cancellation deadline has expired?

Once the cancellation period has expired, you and the client cannot cancel the gig without consequences. As soon as you want to cancel the gig, it is important that you always contact the client. In some cases, the client agrees to your cancellation and the gig will be archived.

Find a substitute

If you cannot come to the gig, a client may require you to provide a substitute. You can arrange this through the app. There are two types of scenarios.

  • Substitute does not have an account with YoungOnes, or the account is not verified
  • Substitute is registered and has a verified account at YoungOnes

Read more about the differences between the scenarios and what exactly it entails here.

You didn't finish a job, now what?

It's possible that you're not able to come to a job you got accepted for. This means you didn't finish the job. The consequence is that your 'show-up percentage' will go down. This show-up percentage is important as it affects your profile and therefore, what your future clients see whenever they consider you for a job. After not showing up for three jobs, your account will be blocked as well.

Show-up percentage

Clients get to see your show-up percentage every time you react on a job. A client can base their decision on whether they choose you on this percentage.

Three no-shows

It is of utter importance that we can trust each other and count on each other. No-shows can not be accepted as they only lead to problems and disappointment for the clients, but also the trust within our community will be damaged. After a third no-show for a planned job, we are obligated to block your account.

To lift the ban from your account, we'll invite you for a phone call. Here you have the possibility of talking the situation through and correct any misunderstandings.

The client cancels the assignment outside the cancellation period

In case the client has cancelled the gig, it is also up to the client to offer a substitute gig. Are you unable to, or does the work not suit you? Then you may claim 50% of the agreed hours. You can submit the claim via the app. If you have been absent from a previous gig for the same client, the client can cancel future assignments without you being able to make a claim.