If you are matched for a gig but cannot work, you can sign up a replacement in the gig overview. On the detail page of the gig, you will find an additional button with "arrange a replacement". There you enter your replacement's name, phone number and e-mail address. 

What does my replacement need to meet?

When you want to arrange a replacement, you need to make sure that this person meets the requirements that a client has set for the job. Think about certain skills or dress code. 

Your replacement must be at least 18 years old.

Based on the email address that may or may not be known to YoungOnes, the following two scenarios can take place:

1. Replacement does not have an account with YoungOnes, or the account is not verified.

Your replacement receives an email notifying them that they have been assigned as a replacement for a gig. In that mail is a link that requires the replacement to do an id-check. When the id-check is done, the gig is successfully taken over. You receive a push notification of this in the app and the client receives a message that a replacement has been arranged. 

Note: you remain responsible for your replacement. You enter the hours worked and receive payment from the client. You have to transfer this amount to the replacement yourself. Furthermore, you will also receive the rating the replacement receives from the client. Want to know more? Click here.

2. Substitute is registered and has a verified account at YoungOnes.

Your replacement will receive an email and push notification, inviting them to accept (or decline) the gig via the YoungOnes app. This notification remains visible in the replacement's screen until they have responded. When the replacement has accepted the gig, it will appear in his/her overview under 'selected'. You will receive a push notification of this in the app and the client will be notified that a replacement has been arranged.  

In this situation, your replacement will fill in the hours worked after the gig and review the gig via the app. The payment of the invoice goes directly to your replacement.

Note: You remain responsible at all times. Both you and your replacement receive the rating from the client. Even in case of a no-show, you remain ultimately responsible. Make sure to coordinate everything with your replacement and make sure he/she is reliable.