When someone else takes over a gig from you, it's always wise to make arrangements in advance in case anything goes wrong. To help you, we've prepared a sample invoice, so your replacement can send it to you after the gig is done. We have also prepared a model agreement that you can enter into with your replacement. This way, both parties have something to fall back on, and you can avoid any uncertainties.

The invoice and model agreement can be downloaded at the bottom of the article. You might want to use a PDF viewer application to sign the document.

For Microsoft

1. Open the file

2. Click on 'tools'

3. Click on 'fill in and sign'

4. Choose the action 'signature'

5. Click on 'sign'

6. Using your trackpad, you can write your signature with your finger. On a computer, you do this with the mouse.

For Apple

When you open the PDF with preview, you can create a signature. You can then enter this signature on any document.

1. Open the PDF file with 'Preview'

2. Click on the round symbol with a pen in the middle

3. Click on the symbol of a 'signature'

4. Using your trackpad, you can use your finger to write your signature and insert it into the file.