Suppose you were sent home earlier from a gig. In that case, this is still considered a 'cancellation of the gig' after the cancellation period has expired (article 10, model agreement). After the shift is officially over, you can enter 50% of the hours via the app. This means you are still entitled to 50% of the agreed hours. For example, for an eight-hour gig, you are entitled to four hours (50%). If you worked five hours for an eight-hour gig, you could only submit the hours worked. This is because you will have already worked more than half the hours. Breaks are not counted in the total number of hours, so you must deduct these first.

Suppose the client cancelled the gig in the app. In that case, you will automatically receive a notification allowing you to claim the hours. In case they send you home earlier, clearly state in the comment section why you have entered 50% of the total hours when submitting your hours.