Cash back costs company number

Costs for a company number are usually €101. We have a partnership with Acerta which makes it possible for you to do this for free! 

How does it work?

  1. Download the app and complete your profile as much as possible.
  2. Apply for a company number from Acerta via this link. 
  3. Contact us and forward your invoice of purchase.
  4. Wait until you receive your company number and forward it to us.
  5. Within 7 working days, we will transfer the €101 to your bank account.

How do I register as self-employed?

Register as self-employed via this link. We have a partnership with enterprise counter Acerta. They arrange your company number, VAT number and affiliation to a social insurance fund.

The registration process in 4 steps

STEP 1: Fill in your personal details

STEP 2: Enter the start date of your company

STEP 3: Enter your other professional activities. Indicate 'I am a student'.

STEP 4: Enter your VAT scheme preferences. Indicate here whether you want an exemption. 

Ready? You will receive your company number within 2 working days.

Register as a student self-employed.