You pay quarterly social contributions to be in order with your social security. You build up social rights this way. You pay the social contributions to your social insurance fund, your social insurance fund in turn deposits them to the government.

What are these rights?

  • Family allowance
    This includes the maternity fee or starting amount and the growth package.
  • Health insurance
    Health insurance falls into two parts:
    1. Reimbursement of medical expenses. The health insurance fund reimburses part of your medical expenses.
    2. Sickness benefit in case of incapacity for work. If you have to temporarily suspend your occupation for health reasons, you are entitled to sickness benefits from the health insurance fund.
  • Maternity allowance

    Female self-employed workers are entitled to 12 weeks of paid maternity leave. Provided that you take at least three weeks of maternity leave where you interrupt your self-employed activity.

  • Maternity assistance: 105 free service vouchers

    If you are entitled to maternity allowance, you are also entitled to 105 free service vouchers

  • Paternity and birth leave

    Self-employed people who become fathers are entitled to paid paternity or birth leave of up to 15 days

  • Pensions

    1. Rest pension, a self-employed person who has reached his legal retirement age can draw his rest pension.

    2. Survivor's pension, this is an allowance granted to the surviving spouse.

  • Bridging right
    This is for self-employed people facing unforeseen circumstances.

  • Informal care by the self-employed
    If you temporarily or fully interrupt your self-employed activity to care for a loved one as a carer, you can enjoy full or partial monthly benefits.